Trade in meat

"Bartlink" is a leading Bulgarian company in the field of trade in meat and meat products with over 40,000 tons annual output. The company works with partners across the entire world and importing from South America, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our main markets are Bulgaria, the EU, Russia, Central Asia and the Far East. In 2007 the factory for meat, "Unitemp" was opened which has the task of building a new, higher level of customer service for "Bartlink" with chilled and frozen meat products. The plant meets all of the requirements of the EU implemented through the HACCP system and ISO22000:2005. Its production has been approved for export to the EU, Russia and the Triple customs union. "Unitemp" now has the capacity to produce over 100 tons of meat and meat products daily for supermarkets, meat processing industry and HORECA. In 2013 a slaughterhouse for pigs, cattle and sheep was opened.  

  Trade in fish and seafood  

The range of the company includes mackerel, herring, hake, perch, pangasius, tilapia, shrimp, octopus and others.

  Food trade

"Bartlink" deals with import and wholesale of food products. The range of marketed production is varied and constantly expanding. Each new product is added to the needs and preferences of customers. The main features of our range are quality and environmental cleanliness.

 "Bartlink" imports agricultural products from all over the world: beans, potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, walnuts, tomato paste, milk powder, seeds, dried fruits, garlic.


Our logistics department has been working on the international freight market since the company's inception. We realize reliable, safe and timely delivery of goods by international routes. We have our own transport fleet.

The company employs highly skilled , professional and responsible employees. Priority for our company are services in refrigerated trucks, trains and shipping containers. Destinations we work with are the EU, Russia, Central Asia, Far East, North and South America.

Our careful and highly skilled employees are able to offer you competitive prices and optimal delivery time.